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Pack of six universal LED replacement light bulbs, each with 12 SMD 5050 LEDs on round PCB and miniature wedge connector (T10) on the side, including six additional single contact bayonet bases (BA15S) with swivelling feature.


For details and specifications, see right.



Six (6) 2-in-1 LED Bulbs, With T10 & BA15S Connectors | 12 LEDs

  • These universal Eco-LED® replacement bulbs can fit numerous applications. Use the miniature wedge connector where 900 series bulbs (T10) are used, such as ceiling lights, wall fixtures and other types decorative lights. Use them with the additionnal bayonet swivelling bases where bulbs with BA15S base (1156) are used, such as landscape light fixtures, elevator light bulbs, many interior RV lights, and boat cabin lights.

    This model of LED bulb has 12 SMD 5050 LEDs with an output of up to 185 lumens (details in the Specifications tab). LEDs are mounted to one side of the round PCB for direct 120° illumination, whom of which you can ajust the orientation when using the included swivelling base.

    Miniature wedge (T10) base, and additional BA15S swivelling base (single contact 15 millimeters bayonet - 1156) for easy plug-and-play installation.

    Each of these energy-efficient bulb for 12V DC operation uses only 1.8 watts of power and is designed to last 50,000 hours—42 times longer than incandescents. Available in cold (6000-6500K) and warm white (3000-3200K).

  • Voltage DC12V
    Total Watts (W) 1.8 W
    Total Lumen (Lm) WBU-CW12M6: 172-185 Lm
    WBU-WW12M6: 162-175 Lm
    Consumption (A) 0.155 mA
    Base Type BA15S
    Connector Type Wedge T10
    Base/Connector Position Side
    Dimming Non-Dimmable
    Replacement for Incandescent
    Replaces (part #) Miniature Wedge (T10): 901, 904, 906, 912, 915, 916, 917, 918, 920, 921, 922, 923. </br>BA15S: 93, 1003, 1073, 1093, 1141, 1141F.
    LED Type SMD 5050
    LED Quantity 12
    Patent (#) U.S. #8,628,342 | Canada #2,779,215
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